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blog 2In America most people fall under these political ideologies; conservative, liberal, libertarian, or centrist. These categories are blueprints which give people a mind set on ideals, and how society should work. The ideology that makes the most sense to me is Libertarianism because I feel like the governments only duty is to protect the people from internal and external danger. The less government we have controlling the government and the less it’s involved with the people’s freedom the better. Everyone deserves to be who they are not just to themselves but to those around them. Everyone is equal and everyone has equal rights. There shouldn’t be discrimination against certain races, sexual orientation, or gender. The government intervenes with everything that’s going on from the smallest issue to the biggest. All people should be economically free, taxes shouldn’t be higher or lower for certain people it should be the same for everyone. I don’t agree with some of the other political ideologies because some support the government being active in the economy or the government being in control freedom wise. People who are in the middle just go with the flow of things they don’t lean to one side or the other they have ideas from all the rest of the ideologies. I don’t agree with the political ideology of Conservatism because government shouldn’t be active in social life. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their life, they shouldn’t be held against their own beliefs. I do agree that government shouldn’t be present in the economy. The issues they support and I agree with are pro-life, gun rights, and lower taxes. They support controversial topics that I feel otherwise about like no gay marriage, school prayer, and high spending on defense. Liberalists support having an active government in the economy which has its pros and cons but I feel like the government shouldn’t be involved with economy. All of the political ideologies revolve around two things; the economy and social life. Just about everyone fit into an ideology and everyone has the right to express their own beliefs.


One thought on “Blog #2

  1. Ms. Atkins says:

    Christo! You are right; every single person has the right to express their own beliefs! I like that you are starting to figure out your own personal beliefs about these important issues.


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