Blog #3

The House of Representatives has always had 435 seats and all 50 states must split the amount of seats they get based on the population. Every 10 years the census collects data from every house hold in the United States. After each census the population of each state is given and then somehow mathematically the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are divided up between the 50 states. After each state is given their seats most districts are re-drawn to give an equal chance for both political chance of winning. Sadly not everyone plays by the rules and it changes the whole playing field.

Gerrymandering was first introduced in 1812 while Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts decided that he would re-draw the districts around his and ended up creating a district in the shape of a salamander. Redistricting is different because it’s the right way, when districts are re-drawn it’s based on the people within the state.

Gerrymandering is the shortcut and the wrong way to do things. Gerrymandering starts off with a representative from each district being elected when it’s time to vote. If the population grew then the district must be re-drawn again. The officials hire somebody else to re-draw the lines so everyone has a fair playing field. Instead either party can pay extra money to have their district divided so that the number of supporters is always in their favor. After they win, they get additional seats without them have to even lift a finger. Both parties can pay extra and have their districts drawn into their favor.

Redistricting can be positive by giving each party a fighting chance to win and giving the population a less biased vote. The way redistricting has a negative effect on districts is when the representatives pay extra just to win an additional seat when voting comes around.

Setting a national standard for redistricting can be developed but I feel like it would be hard to implement it because of Gerrymandering. People always find a loop hole in anything. Closing every possible shortcut will be the first priority of setting a national standard. A new standard being set would change the rules for everyone and it would be a more fair playing field which would allow an even fight between both political parties whenever voting came around.


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