Blog #4

After watching the “Inside Darfur” documentary I realized that there are a few different ways people portray what’s going on in Darfur, some say its racial issues, economical issues, and political issues. In the film a first person account mentioned finding oil and that’s why the Janjaweed want to take the land. America had its play with oil first in Darfur with the first well called “Unity Well” which was placed by Chevron. America left during the war after that the Chinese came back for the oil. Military groups moved everyone off the land, in the south most native African live and in the north native Arabs live. The oil is gathered in the south and later refined in the north. Southerners didn’t like what was going on and this caused the war. Most of the profit from oil either stays north or goes to China.

The U.S. should be more involved with this problem because by the sound of it, it sounds like we played an important part in the problem that is going on in Darfur. Since we decided to plant “Unity Well” other groups like the Janjaweed started killing and moving people off the land. We should at least provide aid to the refugee camps that hold a variety of tribes. The tribes have learned to coexist but the money is what others want. One thing they need the most is a stable water supply and better care for all the orphans.

We could find a way to somehow come to an agreement on equal division of the money that is made from the oil. According to the film they get the 2% but in reality they are just ignored and no money is given to them. The oil industry caused Darfur to fall into chaos and now it can help them rebuild if ONLY the money that was made was equally divided.

The U.S. is a country that likes to stick its nose everywhere and maybe instead of continuing to stick our nose everywhere we should start helping and provided relief to all those who are affected in Darfur. Everyone involved with the killing of civilians should be brought to a United Nations trial and then prosecuted to a certain extent and given the punishment they deserve.

No one is safe in Darfur, camps are raided and an attempt to stop the Janjaweed always seems to fail. If better more secure camps were built more innocent lives could be saved. We should start by helping the people first then talk about the tensions with oil. Without the people the country will never be able to one day return to a state of tranquility.


One thought on “Blog #4

  1. Ms. Atkins says:

    Thank you for posting this short video. I’ve never seen this one before and found it to be perfect for global issues/government.


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