ISIS forces launch attacks on Kurdish Territory

The current event of ISIS forces launch multiple attacks on Kurdish territory in Iraq, officials say was reported by CNN on October 20th, 2014. The article describes how ISIS is strategically planning which cities, towns, and villages they are conquering and are slowly working their way up to a larger goal. So far 15 simultaneous attacks have occurred. ISIS isn’t the only group with a plan, the United States is carefully coordinating their own counter attack to fight the militant group. ISIS carefully coordinated a series of attacks using anything from car bombs to just assaulting the locations. Supply drops have been sent to Kobani ranging from M-16’s to medical supplies doctors have long been waiting for. For some places air strikes against ISIS are practically worthless and it seems that they are slowly decreasing in amount of damage they cause against the group.

Even though ISIS forces seem “overpowering” most forces fighting against them are actually standing a chance and are being successful when it comes to fighting off the group. Not all of the villages ISIS has tried taking over have succeeded they failed when trying to take Sharaf ad-Din they only managed to take smaller villages that were already unpopulated. Maybe the threat we all see isn’t really as powerful as we thought? Maybe they are having inner-circle conflicts?

Either way the United States and other countries and states within the regions should be precautions when fighting off the militant group. Every precaution against the group should be taken in consideration. We’re all better safe than sorry…

Other news sources are “on the same page” with each other they all report the same thing and seem to have the same tone throughout the articles. I came across a few different sources that have CNN’s article on their own reports.


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