43 Mexican Students Disapear – The Story So Far


If by now you haven’t heard of the 43 missing students in Mexico then maybe your media is too focused on other things like Kim Kardashian. The whole thing revolving around the missing students is that they were hauled into police vans and then they just vanished like ghosts. Thier whereabouts are unknown but the only thing that leads to knowing something about them was that they found a mass grave by a dump site. The only thing they found were ashes and scorched human bones.

The last time the students were seen was during a protest and then they were arrested by policemen and hauled off in vans. It is presumed that the police delivered the students to a cartel by the name of Guerreros Unidos, that killed them and burned their remains. The members of Guerreros Unidos have already admitted to killing the students. The former mayor Iguala Mayor José Luis Abarca Velázquez instructed municipal police to stop the student protests at all costs. Along with his wife they are presumed to be in control of a local cartel. Since the protest was going on the mayor decided that he would “teach them a lesson”.

Investigators are saying that the police acted as the cartel’s hit men, the cartel Guerreros Unidos already gave names of some policemen that worked with them. Authorities have found mass graves with an abundant amount of bodies that are unidentified… None of them match the students.

Where are they? Are they even alive? People seem to ask themselves a lot of these questions in interviews, all of the parents and people within the city seem to be hanging by a thread believing that their still might be a chance of seeing them again.


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