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43 Mexican Students Disapear – The Story So Far


If by now you haven’t heard of the 43 missing students in Mexico then maybe your media is too focused on other things like Kim Kardashian. The whole thing revolving around the missing students is that they were hauled into police vans and then they just vanished like ghosts. Thier whereabouts are unknown but the only thing that leads to knowing something about them was that they found a mass grave by a dump site. The only thing they found were ashes and scorched human bones.

The last time the students were seen was during a protest and then they were arrested by policemen and hauled off in vans. It is presumed that the police delivered the students to a cartel by the name of Guerreros Unidos, that killed them and burned their remains. The members of Guerreros Unidos have already admitted to killing the students. The former mayor Iguala Mayor José Luis Abarca Velázquez instructed municipal police to stop the student protests at all costs. Along with his wife they are presumed to be in control of a local cartel. Since the protest was going on the mayor decided that he would “teach them a lesson”.

Investigators are saying that the police acted as the cartel’s hit men, the cartel Guerreros Unidos already gave names of some policemen that worked with them. Authorities have found mass graves with an abundant amount of bodies that are unidentified… None of them match the students.

Where are they? Are they even alive? People seem to ask themselves a lot of these questions in interviews, all of the parents and people within the city seem to be hanging by a thread believing that their still might be a chance of seeing them again.


Mexican Drug Cartels More Powerful Than ISIL

The Mexican Drug Cartels have been making anywhere from $19-$29 Billion dollars annually from drug sales to the U.S alone. Mexican Drug Cartels have been proving that they are a ruthless and relentless force waiting to be reckoned with. Something that really caught my attention was the 90% of cocaine that is brought in to the United States comes from Mexico, not only that but Mexican Cartels are the main suppliers for marijuana and methamphetamines to the U.S. Major cartels are the Beltran Leyva Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, the Juarez Cartel, Los Zetas Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel, and the Tijuana Cartel.



The Cartels have always been compared to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and now ISIL. Mexican cartels are responsible for 60,000 deaths from 2006 to 2012 and in 2013 alone they were responsible for 16,000 deaths. While ISIL currently has an estimated killing of 9,000 civilians and have wounded 17,386. Mexican Drug Cartels recruit children as old as 11 to be child soldiers, drug mules, used for prostitution, or just kill them and remove their organs to sell on the blackmarket. Mexican Drug Cartels are using methods of torture and killing that I’ve never would of thought of before. They will behead people, mutilate the bodies, cook people to beyond recognition, and they will make you disappear without a trace. They are beyond extreme they will use anything as a weapon from the smallest knife to the highest caliber weapon available. Their lifestyle is theirs to choose from the most luxurious cars and clothes to the most unique of weapons and everything in between.


This is important to know because many people aren’t really aware of what the Cartels are doing and how close this really is to the United States. Most of the US-Mexico Border are controlled and used for smuggling drugs by the Cartels. This impacts the United States because the issue is right in our backyards and we should atleast know what’s going on. Drugs/Narcotics are EVERYWHERE so it’s not only an issue for the United States most of the Cartels provide drugs and narcotics to all of Europe, Africa, Russia, and just about anywhere of course as long as they are paid. Some countries even sell materials to the Cartels for them to produce drugs.


ISIS forces launch attacks on Kurdish Territory

The current event of ISIS forces launch multiple attacks on Kurdish territory in Iraq, officials say was reported by CNN on October 20th, 2014. The article describes how ISIS is strategically planning which cities, towns, and villages they are conquering and are slowly working their way up to a larger goal. So far 15 simultaneous attacks have occurred. ISIS isn’t the only group with a plan, the United States is carefully coordinating their own counter attack to fight the militant group. ISIS carefully coordinated a series of attacks using anything from car bombs to just assaulting the locations. Supply drops have been sent to Kobani ranging from M-16’s to medical supplies doctors have long been waiting for. For some places air strikes against ISIS are practically worthless and it seems that they are slowly decreasing in amount of damage they cause against the group.

Even though ISIS forces seem “overpowering” most forces fighting against them are actually standing a chance and are being successful when it comes to fighting off the group. Not all of the villages ISIS has tried taking over have succeeded they failed when trying to take Sharaf ad-Din they only managed to take smaller villages that were already unpopulated. Maybe the threat we all see isn’t really as powerful as we thought? Maybe they are having inner-circle conflicts?

Either way the United States and other countries and states within the regions should be precautions when fighting off the militant group. Every precaution against the group should be taken in consideration. We’re all better safe than sorry…

Other news sources are “on the same page” with each other they all report the same thing and seem to have the same tone throughout the articles. I came across a few different sources that have CNN’s article on their own reports.

Blog #4

After watching the “Inside Darfur” documentary I realized that there are a few different ways people portray what’s going on in Darfur, some say its racial issues, economical issues, and political issues. In the film a first person account mentioned finding oil and that’s why the Janjaweed want to take the land. America had its play with oil first in Darfur with the first well called “Unity Well” which was placed by Chevron. America left during the war after that the Chinese came back for the oil. Military groups moved everyone off the land, in the south most native African live and in the north native Arabs live. The oil is gathered in the south and later refined in the north. Southerners didn’t like what was going on and this caused the war. Most of the profit from oil either stays north or goes to China.

The U.S. should be more involved with this problem because by the sound of it, it sounds like we played an important part in the problem that is going on in Darfur. Since we decided to plant “Unity Well” other groups like the Janjaweed started killing and moving people off the land. We should at least provide aid to the refugee camps that hold a variety of tribes. The tribes have learned to coexist but the money is what others want. One thing they need the most is a stable water supply and better care for all the orphans.

We could find a way to somehow come to an agreement on equal division of the money that is made from the oil. According to the film they get the 2% but in reality they are just ignored and no money is given to them. The oil industry caused Darfur to fall into chaos and now it can help them rebuild if ONLY the money that was made was equally divided.

The U.S. is a country that likes to stick its nose everywhere and maybe instead of continuing to stick our nose everywhere we should start helping and provided relief to all those who are affected in Darfur. Everyone involved with the killing of civilians should be brought to a United Nations trial and then prosecuted to a certain extent and given the punishment they deserve.

No one is safe in Darfur, camps are raided and an attempt to stop the Janjaweed always seems to fail. If better more secure camps were built more innocent lives could be saved. We should start by helping the people first then talk about the tensions with oil. Without the people the country will never be able to one day return to a state of tranquility.

Blog #3

The House of Representatives has always had 435 seats and all 50 states must split the amount of seats they get based on the population. Every 10 years the census collects data from every house hold in the United States. After each census the population of each state is given and then somehow mathematically the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are divided up between the 50 states. After each state is given their seats most districts are re-drawn to give an equal chance for both political chance of winning. Sadly not everyone plays by the rules and it changes the whole playing field.

Gerrymandering was first introduced in 1812 while Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts decided that he would re-draw the districts around his and ended up creating a district in the shape of a salamander. Redistricting is different because it’s the right way, when districts are re-drawn it’s based on the people within the state.

Gerrymandering is the shortcut and the wrong way to do things. Gerrymandering starts off with a representative from each district being elected when it’s time to vote. If the population grew then the district must be re-drawn again. The officials hire somebody else to re-draw the lines so everyone has a fair playing field. Instead either party can pay extra money to have their district divided so that the number of supporters is always in their favor. After they win, they get additional seats without them have to even lift a finger. Both parties can pay extra and have their districts drawn into their favor.

Redistricting can be positive by giving each party a fighting chance to win and giving the population a less biased vote. The way redistricting has a negative effect on districts is when the representatives pay extra just to win an additional seat when voting comes around.

Setting a national standard for redistricting can be developed but I feel like it would be hard to implement it because of Gerrymandering. People always find a loop hole in anything. Closing every possible shortcut will be the first priority of setting a national standard. A new standard being set would change the rules for everyone and it would be a more fair playing field which would allow an even fight between both political parties whenever voting came around.

Blog #2


blog 2In America most people fall under these political ideologies; conservative, liberal, libertarian, or centrist. These categories are blueprints which give people a mind set on ideals, and how society should work. The ideology that makes the most sense to me is Libertarianism because I feel like the governments only duty is to protect the people from internal and external danger. The less government we have controlling the government and the less it’s involved with the people’s freedom the better. Everyone deserves to be who they are not just to themselves but to those around them. Everyone is equal and everyone has equal rights. There shouldn’t be discrimination against certain races, sexual orientation, or gender. The government intervenes with everything that’s going on from the smallest issue to the biggest. All people should be economically free, taxes shouldn’t be higher or lower for certain people it should be the same for everyone. I don’t agree with some of the other political ideologies because some support the government being active in the economy or the government being in control freedom wise. People who are in the middle just go with the flow of things they don’t lean to one side or the other they have ideas from all the rest of the ideologies. I don’t agree with the political ideology of Conservatism because government shouldn’t be active in social life. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their life, they shouldn’t be held against their own beliefs. I do agree that government shouldn’t be present in the economy. The issues they support and I agree with are pro-life, gun rights, and lower taxes. They support controversial topics that I feel otherwise about like no gay marriage, school prayer, and high spending on defense. Liberalists support having an active government in the economy which has its pros and cons but I feel like the government shouldn’t be involved with economy. All of the political ideologies revolve around two things; the economy and social life. Just about everyone fit into an ideology and everyone has the right to express their own beliefs.